Making your hospital media friendly…


The Friendly Hospital provides key hospital executives and top managers training in the fine art of spokesperson training. We teach the art of branding the major services lines offered in your facility and how to speak about the benefits your superior services in terms the media will find interesting.

The training also translates into language your target market – the people in your community – understands.

The healthcare environment is increasingly more competitive, increasing the need for clear, targeted, messages. We help hospital personnel to successfully focus their media communications.

Our training is a transformational experience, providing clients with:

  • Discovery of laser-focused media messages
  • Coaching on communicating effectively with lay audiences
  • Practice delivering your message under pressure
  • Techniques to get a story covered by the media
  • Articulate subject matter experts to speak to the local media and the community

Using the form below, contact us for a complimentary consultation on the spokesperson needs of your hospital.