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Key Messaging and Persuasive Communication Coaching

Making Your Hospital Media Friendly…

Content is transferable to any company in the healthcare industry.

Key Messaging and Persuasive Communication Coaching

The Friendly Hospital provides key hospital executives and board members coaching in becoming articulate spokespersons when contacted by the media. Our expert coaches teach the art of:

  • Selecting key messages
  • Branding the major services lines offered in your hospital
  • Articulating the benefits of your¬†superior services
  • Delivering succinct sound bites of impactful information
  • Answering tough questions
  • Bridging to your messages

The healthcare environment is becoming more competitive, increasing the need for clear, targeted messages and persuasive communication. The Friendly Hospital coaches help your executive team develop coherent and influential key messages and assists them in customizing those messages to a variety of target audiences — the media, colleagues in the community,¬†hospital employees, and slices of community members — convincing listeners in every conversation the value your hospital brings to the community and encouraging all to use more of the services provided by your hospital.

The Friendly Hospital coaching helps each executive team member increase their competence and confidence when speaking to the media, giving hospital-wide presentations or speaking to community groups.

Seal for Friendly Hospital v2Key Messaging for Top Level Hospital Personnel

In addition to executive coaching, the Friendly Hospital offers training to top-level hospital managers and directors. The training turns them into ambassadors for your hospital, helping them articulate your key messages when speaking with employees, patients and community members. They become your stealth marketing team as they learn how to deliver succinct sound bites of information when tossed softball questions or hardball questions about hospital challenges and problems.

Sound Bite Training

Using sound bites to be more influential and make your case for action is a critical skill that can refined and honed into an exceptional expertise that can catapult your messages to the forefront of any listener’s memory. This training enables you and your colleagues/employees to get your listener’s attention, keep their interest, tell a relevant story, ask for what you want and move the listener into action — all in 15 to 30 seconds. You’ll be amazed at the results.

Transformational Experience

The coaching and training is hands-on and experiential as participants practice delivering succinct sound bites of information to each other in front of a rolling camera. The transformational experience includes:

  • Writing laser-focused key messages
  • Discovering analogies and metaphors for key messages
  • Coaching on communicating effectively with lay audiences
  • Practicing energetic delivery of messages
  • Thinking on your feet when under pressure

Why Are Key Messages Important?

Key messages market your hospital in positive yet subtle ways. Most hospitals have two or three key messages that can be bridged back to in media interviews. It is advised that one key message become your mantra. Examples of mantras are “You’re Number One at _______ (fill in your hospital),” “The Exceptional Patient Experience is Ordinary,” or “Compassionate Patient Care by Competent Medical Teams.”

Once articulated in creative and succinct terms, your key message can be used in media interviews, TV and radio spots, and conversations.

Transferring Key Messages to Top Hospital Managers and Personnel

When top administrators and board members have completed the process of defining key messages, the process is transferred to top hospital managers and personnel in all departments. As they learn the fine techniques of transferring the key messages into persuasive communications, they become ambassadors for the hospital as they interface with community members at PTA meetings, little league, or at service clubs and in subtle ways help maintain morale at the hospital.

Why is Persuasive Communication Important?

The normal sales cycle produces a phenomenon called buyers remorse. You may have experienced it when purchasing a high cost item. Patients and employees are not immune from experiencing buyers remorse. Persuasive, succinct sound bites reassure patients they chose the right hospital that will take care of them and get them back on their feet in the least amount of time. The right message delivered by directors and key managers keep employees assured they are working in the right hospital, thus reducing turnover and eliminating buyers remorse.

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